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The MCH Duty is a full-size light driven an 18650 battery. By maintaining the 18650 as the primary power source we were able to maintain the Dual Fuel concept and ensure the light also runs on two CR123 lights. That is critical for emergency situations or extended use in the field.

In terms of form-factor, intended to be a light prioritizing capability and durability, creating the smallest-possible package was not the goal. We wanted brute strength. As such, the MCH Duty is a modest 1.40” outer diameter at the light head. That gives you optimal ergonomics and great compatibility with light holsters.

Head Diameter: 1.40”

Overall Length: 5.35?

Weight (with battery): 6.67oz

Weight (without battery): 5.05oz

The MCH Duty is fully programmable, by the end-user. This allows you, for the first time, full control over the output of the flashlight. Every MCH ships from the factory in Mode 1. But there are 4 other modes you can select, based on your needs. And you can change the programming anytime you want. So the MCH is more configurable than ever before.

Mode 1: High-only (100%)

Mode 2: Low (10%), High (100%)

Mode 3: High (100%), Low (10%)

Mode 4: Very Low (5%), Medium (30%), High (100%)

Mode 5: High (100%),  Medium (30%), Very Low (5%)


  • 1,800 Lumens
  • 50,000 Candela
  • Duel-Fuel compatible (18650 and CR123)
  • 5 Mode Programmable functionality
  • A neutral 5000k light temperature
  • 60 minutes of full power run-time (120 minutes on medium power)


  • MCH Duty HO flashlight
  • Cloud Defensive branded UI2 charger
  • Cloud Defensive 18650 rechargeable battery
  • 3 Negligent Discharge (ND) protectors
  • 1 Deep Carry Pocket Clip
Weight 1 lbs


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